On 09.09.2010 20:54, Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,
> Am 09.09.2010 15:30, schrieb michael_kap...@inode.at:
>> I have had a problem watching the teletext on the crypted channels "ORF1
>> HD" and "ORF2 HD" ... after doing some research on the web, i found out
>> that these two channels not only crypt their audio and video streams, but
>> also the teletext. (as far as I know, not even Sky/Premiere crypt their
>> teletext)
> Not that I have an usecase for this already, but what about
> scrambled DVB subtitles? Shouldn't those PIDs be sent to the CAM too?

While I don't see what sense it would make to encrypt anything
besides video and audio, it is of course reasonable to add any
encrypted pids in cCamSlot::AddChannel().

However, it must be guaranteed that the CAM will simply ignore
such pids in case they are not encrypted. Otherwise they might
use up valuable resources in the CAM.

So somebody either find out whether unencrypted pids will or
will not use up CAM resources, or we'll have to check whether
there actually is a CA descriptor available for a given pid.


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