This was my problem:
Long story short, I could not display DVB subtitles.

The solution was: 
Apply a patch from IPTV plugin for VDR 
(iptv-0.4.2/patches/vdr-1.7.15-disable_ca_updates.patch) to VDR.

I'm using yaVDR 0.2 (It's Ubuntu 10.04 minimal + VDR PPA)

First I created a working directory called "src"
mkdir src
cd src/

Then i got the source code for VDR and IPTV plugin:
apt-get source vdr
apt-get source vdr-iptv-plugin

Then I took care for all of the dependencies:
sudo apt-get install build-essential vdr-dev
sudo apt-get build-dep vdr

Before I aplied the patch "vdr-1.7.15-disable_ca_updates.patch" I had to 
apply a patch for ttxtsubs, that came with VDR source code. Because 
"vdr-1.7.15/debian/patches/opt-27_ttxtsubs.dpatch" tries to mess with the same 
code block in pat.c as the patch from IPTV, building will fail, if you apply 
IPTV patch first.

So I opened  "vdr-1.7.15/debian/patches/00list" with a text editor and 
the line with opt-27_ttxtsubs.dpatch
vi vdr-1.7.15/debian/patches/00list

Look for a line:
# Patch needed for the ttxtsubs plugin.

and change it to:
# Patch needed for the ttxtsubs plugin.

I then had to ran:
python vdr-1.7.15/debian/ -u

Now that I made sure that /opt-27_ttxtsubs.dpatch won't run at build time, I 
to apply it manualy. First you have to be in the ~/src/vdr-1.7.15/ directory. I 
then applied the ttxtsubs patch:
patch -p1 < debian/patches/opt-27_ttxtsubs.dpatch

Because opt-27_ttxtsubs patch changed the pat.c file, you have to insert one 
line from "vdr-1.7.15-disable_ca_updates.patch" in to pat.c with a text editor. 
Find the lines in pat.c:

           Channel->SetTeletextSubtitlePages(TeletextSubtitlePages, NumTPages);
Then insert one line from the "vdr-1.7.15-disable_ca_updates.patch" :

           Channel->SetTeletextSubtitlePages(TeletextSubtitlePages, NumTPages);
           if (!cSource::IsType(Channel->Source(), 'I'))
Then I ran:

After some time on my Atom CPU, i got a nice vdr_1.7.15-2yavdr1_i386.deb 
which I then installed with:
sudo dpkg -i vdr_1.7.15-2yavdr1_i386.deb

Now my DVB subtitles are showing in their glorious color :)

Because I'm fairly lazy, I'm sending this to the mailing list, where I will be 
able to find it later. This is the firts time I ever used a mailing list, so 
probably breaking some etiquete, but maybee someone else could find my 
"solution" usefull.
And by my "solution" I ofcourse mean Rolf Ahrebenger's solution. Thank you 
for all your help!


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