Al 04/10/10 18:40, En/na Lars Bläser ha escrit:

Well, I'm pretty sure the ber and the unc are right: I tried to stream
those channels with dvbstream and they play perfectly, so the signal is ok.


to see if unc and ber are working you should provoke those errors by
weakening the signal and only if you see a change you know that it is
working, if you allway see a 0 you can'n be shure if its working the way
you expect it
imho there is no difference in femon between is not provided by driver and 0

Hey, I know the signal is ok: dvbstream streams those channels perfectly, no artefacts, no strange sound, no jumps, and that would be impossible if the signal were not good.

Now I tried with a clean vdr (1.7.16), no patches (though my patches didn't modify the signal path at all), only the vdr-xine plugin and the problem is still there. BTW, the same xine I'm using with the plugin, has no problem playing the stream from dvbstream.


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