Not sure if in Euroland, you're aware of how US digital is working and whether it's possible to support the US/ATSC channel number system.

Essentially what's happening is a channel will appear on a frequency, then each sub channel is appending to the frequency number with either a . or a -. So, my ABC local channel is on 17. The main channel has a sid of 1, so the channel number is 17.1 or 17-1. They also have a network called MyNetwork, which has a sid of 2, so comes in as 17-2.

Just to confuse matters, the 17 is actually the frequency of their old over the air frequency, they actually come in on a different frequency but have a virtual channel number of 17.

The SD channels come in essentially as the same, but with a 2 stuck at the beginning, so 217.1 is ABC in SD.

My normal TV when channel scanning mixes analog cable channels with digital ones. So old channels are on 2, 3, 4 up to 66, then ATSC channels appear starting on 13.1, 13.2, with 14 being an NTSC analog channel.

(This is for Clear-QAM, although ATSC ota has the same type of numbering.).

Anyway, is there anyway of getting VDR to support a sub channel number with a dash or period?

Rob Davis

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