On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 6:38 AM, Rob Davis <r...@davis-family.info> wrote:
> Not sure if in Euroland, you're aware of how US digital is working and
> whether it's possible to support the US/ATSC channel number system.
> Essentially what's happening is a channel will appear on a frequency, then
> each sub channel is appending to the frequency number with either a . or a
> -.  So, my ABC local channel is on 17.  The main channel has a sid of 1, so
> the channel number is 17.1 or 17-1.  They also have a network called
> MyNetwork, which has a sid of 2, so comes in as 17-2.

I had requested support for this some time ago but unfortunately that
basically ended with `don't hold my breath`.  It would be great if
someone managed to implement this at least as a patch, even if it
never made it into stock VDR.  It's a huge disadvantage that there
isn't really any (well, hardly any) North American coders contributing
to VDR.  Sorry my reply doesn't bring better news.

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