>>> Check your search timer's configuration for comparing 'sub-title' when
>>> avoiding repeats. Compare subtitle should be set to either 'No' or 'If
>>> present', otherwise the comparison will also return false if your EPG
>>> doesn't contain a subtitle for the entry.
>> Hey, that was it! Thanks a bunch. :)
> No problem :-)
> Tbh I'm not sure why the 'Yes' option is available as a choice. Why would
> you ever want to go through this logic path?
> // pseudo code, compare 'this' recording to 'other' recording for equality
> when searchtimer 'compare sub-title' option is set to 'yes'
> boolean equals(Recording other) {
>  if (this.subtitle == null || other.subtitle == null) {
>    return false;
>  }

Yeah, weird. What's more, VDRadmin only has yes/no choices there..
Could be that I don't have the latest version, though. Anyway it makes
no sense to me to have separate "if present" and "yes" options. What's
the point in comparing non-existent subtitles, especially if the
comparison always fails?

I think there is a bug in epgsearch.. See epgsearchtools.c line 806:

   if ((!compareTitle || Title1 == Title2) &&
       (!compareSubtitle || (Subtitle1 == Subtitle2 &&
(compareSubtitle==2 || Subtitle1!=""))))

I don't really understand the last check. Perhaps there should be "=="
instead of "!=" or something?

Teemu Suikki

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