Am 13.12.2010 11:34, schrieb Steffen Barszus:
> That was my point in the beginning. Then: I want to see sqlite3 being
> less efficient on insert and fetch or memory consumption. I can not
> imagine it (prove me wrong! ;)). 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but for sqlite you'll have to convert all these
nice epg data structures into sql commands that need to be passed to the
sql engine where an sql interpreter tears everything apart again for
(possibly) on-disk storage, and for querying epg, the whole sql
interpreter thing goes backwards again, or?

Never under-estimate a native C/C++ coded data structure, at least if
it's a smart one. Reading/writing to a tree or hash might be done before
the sql interpreter even starts.

(not that the VDR internal structures are that impressive fast, though.
I wonder how much it would gain by using C++ map and similar.)



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