Am 19.12.2010 20:29, schrieb Tobias Grimm:
> Am Sonntag, den 19.12.2010, 20:01 +0100 schrieb Helmut Auer:
>> Why don't you  just use a wrapper script to get this running, like
> I've already tried this (not in bash, but a similar approach). But I
> would like to avoid writing to the source dir and I would like to be
> able to do multiple cuts in parallel.

You could create a 'virtual' copy using symlinks in /tmp/edit_$$. That
way you can provide a different marks file without touching the source
dir. Also, you can symlink /tmp/%edit_$$ back to the target dir.

On a side note, for editing one big recording into several small one's,
I go this way: First, thanks to the Cuttime-Patch, several parts of the
same recording won't overwrite each other. And second, for managing noad
marks, I have two recording commands to backup and restore the marks
file. That way I backup the complete marks file, delete unneeded parts,
edit, and restore the original marks afterwards.

Another cool strategy would be to use a recording command to duplicate a
whole recording under a different name using soft/hard links, except for
the marks file, then edit each one separately.



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