Am 12.12.2010 16:19, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
Hmm, I see.
So how about changing cEIT in such a way that it never overwrites
any events in a schedule if the first existing event in that schedule
has a table id of 0?

There are three usecases for adding EPG-Data:

1. Using EIT-EPG as it is
2. Adding Information to existing EIT-EPG and setting table id to 0 to prevent overwrites of the new Information (often only Shorttext) 3. Adding complete new EPG from other sources and prevent EIT-EPG to fill tables with noepg-patch

With your proposed solution, i'm not able to add informations to existing events, cause i cannot tag the event with table id 0 to prevent overwrites, instead tagging with table id 0 will stop adding EIT-EPG.

It would be nice, to have a solution where all three usecases are usable. Today we only have two, with the ugly noepg-patch all of them.

Or, we just set te tableid to -1 (if thats possible) to indicate "stop adding EIT-EPG", 0 "stop overwrite event", >0 "do what you want"



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