On 27.12.2010 13:07, Jochen Dolze wrote:
> Am 12.12.2010 16:19, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
>> Hmm, I see.
>> So how about changing cEIT in such a way that it never overwrites
>> any events in a schedule if the first existing event in that schedule
>> has a table id of 0?
> There are three usecases for adding EPG-Data:
> 1. Using EIT-EPG as it is
> 2. Adding Information to existing EIT-EPG and setting table id to 0 to
> prevent overwrites of the new Information (often only Shorttext)
> 3. Adding complete new EPG from other sources and prevent EIT-EPG to
> fill tables with noepg-patch
> With your proposed solution, i'm not able to add informations to
> existing events, cause i cannot tag the event with table id 0 to prevent
> overwrites, instead tagging with table id 0 will stop adding EIT-EPG.
> It would be nice, to have a solution where all three usecases are
> usable. Today we only have two, with the ugly noepg-patch all of them.
> Or, we just set te tableid to -1 (if thats possible) to indicate "stop
> adding EIT-EPG", 0 "stop overwrite event", >0 "do what you want"

Well, I guess you'll need to make up your mind about what you
actually want. You can either use the EPG as provided by the
broadcasters, or use your own EPG data from whatever source that
may be. VDR only works as designed if it uses (only) the EPG from
the broadcaster, because that's identifiable by event ids and can
make use of VPS control. As soon as you stuff in your own data, I
suggest you do *everything* with your own data. Having some data
from the broadcaster and some from other sources makes things
unnecessarily complex, so I don't like that.

So it's either making VDR ignore any EIT EPG data if the first
event for a particular channel has a zero table id, or leaving
everything as it is right now.


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