On 04.01.2011 16:12, Gero wrote:
> Hello,
> thank you for your attention!
> Helmut Auer wrote:
>> A lifetime of 99 and a priority of 99 should do what you want.
> Any idea, why that recording disappeared from OSD (recording list)?
> I tried a touch /var/lib/video.00/.update but that changed nothing.
> I also checked the info-file of the recording and the lifetime is stil 99
> - well, priority is not 99 - I thought, priority is only used to choose 
> between conflicting timers and has no relevance once a recording has finished.

Only the lifetime parameter decides whether a recording can be automatically
deleted at all.

> Meanwhile I saved that recording on my server, but there remains some rumors 
> about reliability. 

Did the recording only diappear from the list VDR displays in its "Recordings"
menu? Or was it actually removed from the hard disk?

> It's the first time, I'm sure, that a recording disappeared, that I did not 
> marked as deleted - and until I discover an usage-error of myself, I think 
> about going back to an older release.

Are there any log entries regarding this recording?


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