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> <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de> wrote:
> > Did the recording only diappear from the list VDR displays in its
> > "Recordings" menu? Or was it actually removed from the hard disk?
> I've actually experienced this as well.  Recordings vanishing from the
> recordings list for no apparent reason.  If I restart VDR, the list is
> fully recovered.  My dedicated recordings harddrive is located in a
> lan fileserver, and I had always assumed it was something set wrong in
> Samba somewhere.  

That is a really interesting new aspect, which guided me to some new tests.

I don't use samba, but nfs - and yes, it happens only when I mount a nfs-
share. And yes again - the list is fine again after a reboot  - cause the nfs-
share will not be mounted automatically.

So I took a closer look at the nfs share to find the reason, cause I use nfs-
shares for years and never experimented such failures before.
I found out, that this behaviour might be related to directories, that don't 
contain recordings, but other files.
Last time, a harddisk crashed, I had no space beside the server recording 
pool, so I put a backup there.

I tested then to mount the first subdirectory of the servers recording pool and 
things work fine again - no missing recordings. 
I guess it was my fault after all.

kind regards


P.S. My real recording root on the vdr machine is /var/lib/video.00 - but as 
I'm to lazy to enter that path, I created a link /video that points to 
/var/lib/video.00 - so when I manually check recordings, I use the path 

P.P.S I found more configuration errors at skimming the logfiles. I think, I 
have to do a closer check of my installation.

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