Al 23/01/11 09:56, En/na Arthur Konovalov ha escrit:
On 22.01.2011 20:31, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
VDR being a euro program where FTA sat is far more common should have
really good support built in.

I agree and awaiting too native rotor support in the vdr core.

What I'd like to see is that core vdr is more "friendly" to steerable dishes (be they implemented natively or via a plugin): vdr currently doesn't know that the dish is not pointing at the correct satellite, and that leads to some problems

- the channels can be wrongly updated (NIT/PAT/PMT of the wrong satellite), I currently workaround that by setting Setup.UpdateChannels at 0 while the dish is moving, but it's ugly and it's not a complete solution (I think it shouldn't be processing section filters at all while the dish is moving).

- when the position is reached, sometimes vdr doesn't show anything until I switch to a different transponder. Or if it does it doesn't find the dvb subtitles (until I switch to a different transponder).

- unattended recordings are problematic since while the dish is moving obviously there's no data. I have a patch that sets a bigger timeout for the first packet, but, again, that's not a perfect solution.


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