Actuator control requires a simple interface device for the computer to control direction and power to a motor. This also requires a driver which has already been made. Then there is the option to make a diseq controller box that makes actuators look like rotors. They can be home made: or premade.

On 1/23/2011 9:57 AM, Manuel Reimer wrote:

I would also love to see native rotor support. The plugin crashes all
the time with yavdr and is virtually unusable.

IMHO it depends on how those rotors are controlled. If they are controlled via 
DISEQ and VDR, for whatever reason, fails to send the required DISEQ commands, 
then VDR should be fixed to be able to do so.

If rotors have to be controlled using a completely different protocol, then 
this IMHO better should keep in a plugin for one simple reason: Just like the 
plugin, the rotor support in VDR itself will have to be fixed and updated in 
future. Someone will have to do this and as Klaus most probably doesn't have or 
use a rotor, I think he doesn't want to do that.



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