> > And yet. If I try use Avertv a761 and PRV 150 with pvrinput plugin, I have 
vdr crash:
>   It seems that the driver for your a761 registers also an analog video
> device. pvrinput tries to open it and sends a VIDIOC_QUERYCAP to determine
> if it's a device it can handle. But the driver don't like it...
>   A dirty workaround would be to add the option "video_nr" and "vbi_nr" to
> your bttv-module (look at "modinfo bttv") and set the number to something
> greater than 16. pvrinput will only test the first 8 video-nodes (see
> global.h in its source if it's modified).
>   The right way is to look into the driver and test it if it crashes when
> you send the ioctl mentioned above.

To the original poster:
I guess  ????????? ??????  is not your real name. It would be nice if you 
would use at least a nickname.

Try "v4l2-ctl -D -d /dev/video0" while vdr is not running. Does this work or 
does it crash also?

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