I get smoe of the terms confused. gotox is where you tell it the sat postion such as 97w and it goes there as vs telling it to go to a stored location? If that is the case, then gotox is needed as a way to get the rotor to a location.

Also, VDR Diseqc should be on to use rotor as well as switches. I use both rotor and switches.

On 3/22/2011 5:41 AM, Morfsta wrote:
On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 12:05 PM, Arturo Martinez<marti...@embl.de>  wrote:
Excellent news!
I am sure the entire rotor vdr community will be very glad to hear that!
At the moment I use diseqc.conf with goto position commands for each sat
position to move the dish
With rotor-ng does diseqc use have to be switched off in vdr and the plugin
takes care of everything or does it parse diseqc.conf?

VDR Diseqc settings are off in my configuration.

Similarly to the rotor and actuator plugins there is a file in the
plugin directory that stores the disecq postion number for every
satellite: -

S3.0E 31
S4.0E 30
S4.8E 15
S7.0E 14
S9.0E 29
S10.0E 13
S13.0E 12
S16.0E 11
S19.2E 10

At the moment you need to manually edit the file to set the positions
up. A later version might include assigning or changing the position
numbers directly in the plugin interface.

I should at this point thank Luca Olivetti for all his work on the
actuator plugin. I'm no developer, so wouldn't have been able to get
this far without all the work he did on the scan interface etc. I've
merely hacked his work to modify it to work with disecq 1.1 and fixed
some issues with DVBS2 tuning. Ideally, we should probably work
together to unify the two plugins so you can select Actuator / Disecq
/ GOTOX as the motor type attached and have a totally new plugin
probably called "Dish" or something similar.

Still left to do: -

1) Remove or fix some actuator specific interface buttons that are not
too relevant or don't work
2) Fix enabling and clearing of limits as this doesn't work with my
VBOX, I can't clear the limits via the plugin once they are set
3) Look at "recalc" and see how that can be implemented within rotor-ng
4) Remove old unused code that is related to actuator use
5) Update documentation etc
6) Find somewhere to host it - vdrprojects?
7) Implement GOTOX (though I don't use it so not sure how it would be
tested. Might need a volunteer to do this by looking at the GOTOX
patches for rotor and implementing them on rotor-ng).


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