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> Hi,
> I'm currently updating the softdevice plugin to work with the changes to TS 
> format that started with vdr-1.7.1 and also current versions of ffmpeg 
> (libavcodec does the actual decoding).
> I've made some progress with vdr-1.7.19:
> Old PES recordings play fine (as I'd hoped they would!)
> New TS recordings play: the video looks fine. PlayTSVideo convertes to PES 
> and passes that to PlayVideo of the output device (I assume it would be 
> relatively straightforward to implement a proper PlayTs using avcodec but 
> that's for a later date!). The sound is totally messed up: just lots of 
> random buzzing noises (not looked into the audio yet).
> Tranfer mode does not work at all, all I get is a black screen and silence.
> Before I dig into buffers, etc., is there any difference between the streams 
> sent to PlayTS in transfer mode and in playback? I see that transfer mode 
> generates a PAT/PMT on the fly and passes the stream directly to PlayTs.
> Does a similar thing happen to a recording, i.e. the PAT/PMT is added before 
> writing to disk and then the stream sent during playback is identical to that 
> which would have been sent if it had been watched in transfer mode? Does the 
> output device ulitimately receive the same set of PES packets?

In Transfer Mode onlx one single PAT/PMT is generated at the very start of it,
while a recording contains a PAT/PMT at the beginning of every GOP.


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