21.07.2011 18:56, VDR User kirjutas:
On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 1:41 AM, Mike Booth<mike_boot...@iprimus.com.au>  wrote:
I've got round the problem of noty being able to play recordings made with
vdr-1.7.19 by removing recorder.c recorder.h recording.c recording.h and
remux.c remux.h and replacing them with the same files from vdr-1.7.18.

Not very elegant but seems to work with new recordings and in the absebce of
anything else............................

You experience this problem with vanilla VDR?  Or are you adding
patches that may not have been updated to work properly with

I've been using VDR-1.7.19, have made tons of recordings, and had no
problems what-so-ever playing them back or playing back older
recordings from previous versions.

It seems overlapped thread name. I've posted with the same name own different problem:



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