Hi guys,

I'm currently working on integrating my VDR setup with the commercial
kartina.tv offering (found no workable reference so I'm doing it myself - will
be documented at http://vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Kartina.tv_mit_IPTV). 

Because the channel list may be modified by the provider every now and then,
and VDR cannot know anything about it, the channels.conf file needs to be
rebuilt frequently outside of VDR (and reloaded on the next VDR restart).
Since I'd like to see the kartina.tv channels at, say, @201, I have to parse
the channels.conf file and insert the kartina.tv channels inbetween. This is
cumbersome at best. It would be far easier if channels.conf could include
other channels.conf files.

Any ideas? I figure with more IPTV offerings on the horizon this is going to
become more and more useful. 

Tomorrow will be cancelled due to lack of interest.

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