On Thursday 25 Aug 2011, Mario Schulz wrote:
> Am 21.08.2011 23:09, schrieb Laz:
> > Does anyone know whether the eepg plugin should "just work" with the
> > Huffman encoded EPG broadcast on Freeview (DVB-T) HD channels in the
> > UK? (Someone mentioned it on here a week or so back.)
> Yes, it does (next DW already programmed).
> In a recent version Freesat huffman decoding has been destroyed, in the
> most recent version this should have already been fixes.

Hmmm...When I tried it, it didn't seem to touch any of the EPG received 
from the HD channels, so it remained unreadable.

I'll give it another go this weekend, and I'll enable a few more debug 


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