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Laz <l...@club-burniston.co.uk> wrote:

> HD, ITV HD, and other encoded channels alone. It does, however,
> scramble the EPG for some other, totally unrelated channels on a
> range of MUXes! I presume it thinks it's encoded and tries to
> unencode it, scrambling it in the process. One channel EPG that
> becomes scrambled is QVC so no real loss there!
> ;-)
> I thought it had been doing this scrambling when I tried it earlier
> in the week but have now proved it to myself.
> Time to start adding some more printfs...

The first byte of encoded strings should be 0x1f, followed by 1 or 2
indicating which table should be used (one is optimised for titles, the
other for descriptions). "Normal" strings either start with a printable
character for the default character set or a code < 0x20 indicating the
character set. I use eepg too, but I haven't noticed it scrambling
anything (this is probably the first time I've looked at QVC's schedule
though ;)).

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