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> Am 11.09.2011 11:37, schrieb Henning Pingel:
>> And this tackles another small problem: I think that VDR doesn't delete
>> any channels from the channels.conf in any case. So outdated channels
>> have to be removed manually. Has there been an attempt to offer a
>> functionality that VDR makes a note of those channels that get the line
>> "frontend timed out while tuning to channel X" in the syslog and offers
>> those channels for manual deletion via the OSD in a special OSD page
>> called "Outdated channels"?
> There's currently no 'official' method to track down channels that are no 
> longer announced. There's a trick however: Modify your channels.conf so that 
> all channel names start with [outdated], then start VDR and wait for a full 
> transponder scan to finish. All existing channels will be renamed back to 
> their proper names, and all remaining [outdated] channels can be dropped 
> after some grace period.

My actuator plugin has menu options to mark, unmark and delete marked channels.
The idea is, you mark the channels, do a complete satellite scan, then delete 
the (still) marked channels.
Even if I wrote that specifically to get rid of obsolete channels, I never use 
it, because there are some channels that are not advertised in the nit.
As a result I now have a channel.conf with more that 7000 channels and most of 
the entries are rubbish.


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