Searching for this error found numerous posts on the mailing list from
old releases, but nothing recent so I wanted to query it again...

I've recently started seeing quite a few instances of a vdr throwing
this error (ERROR: video data stream broken) and then initiating an
emergency exit. I'm not sure what exactly has caused this. I recently
upgraded to the v3.0.3 stable kernel, and also to the latest vdr
development snapshot 1.7.21, but I'm not sure if those could be
related or whether it is more likely to be hardware-related (e.g. a
failing tuner)?

Rather than having VDR emergency exit on this error, is it possible to
have it just continue? I have three tuners in my system and I assume
this error has simply been thrown by one of them, so even if that
tuner has now become unusable (without a reload of the kernel module)
VDR should still be able to continue running with the remaining

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