How about DLNA? I found something about DLNA server plugin but was not sure how it was used. If I would install that plugin and byu a DLNA player could that combination work? Or better yet does anyone have any experience on such combination?


09.12.2011 14:25, Kartsa kirjoitti:
Yes i've seen this thread before and it has been some development since I
last read it. But it still has no actual results :)

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A replacement for the Hauppauge MediaMVP has been sought after for a long
See this thread for a history:

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Date: Wednesday, 7 December, 2011, 23:01 Hello,

Am Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011, 23:30:09 schrieb Dieter
Am Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011 schrieb Kartsa:
I tried to find some comparison or like to find
out if there a other
mediaplayers to view recordings than MediMVP. My
MediaMVP has started to
act funny (=does not want to work) and I started
to find a replacement
for it. It seems to be quite difficulta task or I
just havent found good
sites. If someone has any pointers I would
appreciate it.
I was looking at Freeagent GoFlex TV HD and was
wondering if it could be
used as a playback device and then I started to
google for some sites
for different possibilities with no real luck. So
if anyone has either
any good sites to chack or any experience in set
top boxes I would love
to hear.
You might want to look at
[dream on]
If this box supports HDMI-CEC to use the remote control of the TV set
to manage the VDR system ...
[dream off]


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