On 06.01.2012 16:42 , René wrote:
On 04.01.2012 10:36 , Marc wrote:

I only use the noepg use flag, did you tried to compile vdr without any
use flags ? If it works like this, try to add each use flag one by one
to see where is the problem.

Indeed, looks that the following useflags messes up the livebuffer-patch

dvlvidprefer liemikuutio jumpplay setup ttxtsubs

Now i'll wait for a good spot to try a new update to 1.7.22 (between
timer-recordings, and shows my wife watches) :-)

Yeah! Now i got livebuffer to work with vdr 1.7.22! FINALLY a more Modern vdr :-) The following use-flags did not work with the livebuffer-patch: dvlvidprefer liemikuutio jumpplay setup ttxtsubs

I wonder if it's a big thing to get the LiveBuffer working as an official patch for gentoo.. Who was it that i should e-mail and try to convince to accept this as a patch to vdr? If it work with an use-flag, then it would be really great :-) If there would be some guides on what i could do to help out in the process, then i'm happy to help out!



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