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... yep, I'm aware of but this one
seems to be very dead.  Nevertheless I'd like to use a VDR as
recording system only using the second coax line maybe extended
by uncable to use two transponders over one coax line.  For this
it would be perfect to be able to manage, control, and navigate
the VDR and its menues over the DLNA support of this new TV.



i am still working on it. However, progess is very slow, sorry. Nevertheless, you cannot control the vdr the way you expected. An default DLNA server only allows you to show media files (and live TV) on your DLNA or UPnP capable device. You cannot schedule recordings, start/stop the server or do anything beside watching media, unfortunatelly.

DLNA does not specify those features in its current version 1.5. It will be supported in 2.0 and above, however it may take some years that devices implementors will support them as they are mostly optional. I even haven't seen any TV device which supports the tuner service capability of a DLNA media server very well (In this case, you would be able to switch channels by pressing a channel number or by chan-up/chan-down).

Additionally, it won't be possible to show any EPG or OSD on an DLNA device without work-a-rounds, like transcoding EPG/OSD into an MPEG stream. There is a possibility to transmit text based date, but this is not being supported by any TV device I know.

Well, DLNA sounds perfect when you don't expect too much: you may exchange media from one device to another. You can share media of a certain device to others and let them play it. But you cannot play files which are not supported by the device, even though it may play the files directly for instance via USB. Sounds ridiculous, but works as designed.

I work on an work-a-round to support scheduling records via browser navigation. But, this is not very user friendly because you have to "play" every command and simulate a media file to the TV. Every DLNA server must support a web page where the server allows to show additional information. I will use live among others in this case, as it seems to do everything needed.

I hope this will help, somehow. Please let me know, if you miss something to be supported.


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