> i am still working on it.

I have a feature reuqest for the vdr dlna server.

I bought a tv and fast forwarding through the dlna is terribly slow (tried 
minidlna) and there are no "skip one minute" or "goto hh:mm" etc. 
functionality at all.

Skipping minute forward, backward and "goto hh:mm" like vdr does could be 
implemented in the dlna server. Then the user could send these commands to te 
server which would do the skipping (its easy when we have the vdr index files). 
Of course controlling can't be done with the dlna client remote control and 
doing this with multiple dlna clients is not so simple (need separate remote 
control for each client, etc).

Another idea: 

Vdr in a cheap computer that is not able to decode and deinterlace the video 
properly. Connect a dlna cabable tv to the dvi output of the computer and the 
tv to the same network as the computer. Then it will be possible to create a 
cDlnaDevice that will draw osd on an X11 window and send all video to the dlna 
client. If the tv is remote controllable through serial port or ethernet then 
switching from video to osd and back could be automatic. Of course it wouldn't 
be osd any more, but menus could be used anyway. Unfortunately subtitles 
wouldn't work at all unless the tv supported them.

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