On Wed, 29 Feb 2012 16:17:07 +0100, Klaus Schmidinger wrote
> Even though VDR itself doesn't have the necessity for "remote receivers"
> (yet), I see the problem for streamdev. I have therefore reconsidered
> this matter and will make the following changes for the next 
> developer version:
> - Revised priority handling to allow receivers with a priority that 
> is lower than   that of live viewing (with suggestions from Frank 
> Schmirler):   + An idle device (one that is not used for live 
> viewing and has no receiver     attached to it) now has priority 
> IDLEPRIORITY (-100).   + An unused CAM slot now has priority IDLEPRIORITY.
>    + The default priority of a cReceiver is now MINPRIORITY (-99).
>    + A device that is used only for live viewing (no matter whether 
> it's in Transfer     Mode or real live mode) now has priority 
> TRANSFERPRIORITY (-1).   + The function cDevice::Receiving() now 
> returns true if there is any receiver     attached to the device. 
> Its boolean parameter has no meaning any more.   + The default value 
> for the Priority parameter of the function cDevice::ProvidesChannel()
>      has been changed to IDLEPRIORITY.
> When searching for a device for live viewing, VDR uses priority 0 for
> the search (thus avoiding any devices that are serving actual timer 
> recordings), and - if going into Transfer Mode - gives the cReceiver 
> a priority of -1. That way the next search for a live device will be 
> able to use the one that is currently serving the Transfer Mode, 
> because the search has a higher priority (this is pretty much the 
> same as it was before).
> Now a "remote transfer mode" (which I assume is what streamdev and 
> the like implement) can use a "search priority" of, say, -10, and a 
> transfer priority of -11. That way the remote mechanism will also be 
> able to reuse devices, just like local Transfer Mode. And local live 
> mode can override remotely used devices due to its higher priority.
> I'm currently testing these changes in my own production VDR (local 
> live and transfer mode only) and will release them in version 1.7.25 
> shortly. Let me know then if this works for you.

Wow - this is good news. Thanks for reconsidering!


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