Am 29.02.2012 16:17, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
>   + The function cDevice::Receiving() now returns true if there is any
> receiver
>     attached to the device. Its boolean parameter has no meaning any more.

Please remember to drop the following line from PLUGINS.html, as it is
now finally completely void:

> (any negative value will allow a cReceiver to be detached from its cDevice at 
> any time.) 

This was handled via Receiving(true).

This still leaves the live related receivers unhandled, and since
there's no way to port the 'volatile' patch without reverting your
changes, we still have the old osdteletext-channel-blocking bug.

What about having yet another plugin callback that fires before
switching a live channel? Currently, plugins get notified after channel
change, and thats too late to disconnect receivers early. And since
receiving at -1 doesn't have any special meaning any more, there's no
way to get receivers out of way early enough.

Roughly, the callback should be at the places where these two get called:


(Thats how VDR's own receivers get out of way.) That way, GetDevice(ch,
0, true) will still have the weired behavior of returning different
devices before and after initiating the live view channel switch, but at
least after disconnecting all live related receivers, the correct device
will be returned.



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