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one option to spread
the workload could be Klaus assigning different portions to different
contributors that would like to work on it. If Klaus is clear about
what he wants and is in good communication with other coders, perhaps
it could become more of a team effort with Klaus as team captain..

The number of Klaus per VDR has always been quite limited. A developer
team would surely speed things up, but I also understand that Klaus
prefers to keep all development in his own hands instead of delegating
and supervising. Letting 'his baby' off the hook isn't easy, and I would
understand if he prefers to keep it under control.

I'm not talking about him releasing control of anything. I'm talking
about people wanting&  willing to help develope, being assigned a code
task and parameters. When the work is complete, Klaus reviews and
either accepts/merges, or instructs the coder what needs to be
changed. There's no reason for Klaus to release control of anything in
this model. As long as there's a clear instruction of what he wants,
and good communication along the way, I can't think of any good reason
against it.

In a sense this already happens, just on a smaller scale. VDR already
contains non-Klaus code. Surely there's a middle ground where
development can be assisted because in reality this doesn't need to
take forever. Nobody expects it to be finished in a week, but it
doesn't need to take forever either.

Guys, *please*! I stated earlier that I am currently concentrating
on making a stable version 2.0, and that I will see to make client/server
a priority *after* that. This discussion at the moment is rather distracting
for me, because I do read each posting but don't want to add to this
topic right now. I was hoping that, by saying I'll deal with client/server
after version 2.0, this topic could be put to rest for the moment.
Unfortunately the exact opposite has happened.
Another lession learned... ;-)


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