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Manuel Reimer <manuel.rei...@gmx.de> wrote:

> Tony Houghton wrote:
> > I don't think a plugin is enough. For better client-server VDR
> > needs to support multiple clients watching different channels with
> > different OSDs simultaneously.
> It just has to deliver the data. The OSD itself is created by the client.

That's how most other TV software works, but if you count VDR itself as
"server" and vdr-sxfe as "client" then my understanding is that the
server generates the OSD and the client just renders the pixmap it gets
from the server. That wouldn't necessarily have to change if and when
VDR goes fully client-server, but if I was implementing something from
scratch I'd prefer to do the rendering on the client. It would reduce
server load and network traffic, and be more logical to my mind. And
free up more of Klaus' time to concentrate on core functionality while
other people can add bling :-).

Going off on a tangent, there's been some discussion about "Pause and
rewind live TV". That could be implemented fairly easily in clients with
a big RAM buffer, without adding any complexity to the server.

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