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> Am 2012-03-02 00:18, schrieb Tony Houghton:
> > Going off on a tangent, there's been some discussion about "Pause
> > and rewind live TV". That could be implemented fairly easily in
> > clients with
> > a big RAM buffer, without adding any complexity to the server.
> Big RAM buffer means long breaks between channel changes.

Not necessarily, because you don't have to wait for the buffer to fill
before playing the content. I meant to play the stream as soon as
possible, but also keep the data in a buffer for a short time so the
viewer can rewind. It wouldn't need to be for long, not even more than a
minute, because what I had in mind is when you miss what someone said
and rewind to hear it again.

However, if the user pauses instead the buffer should be able to grow as
necessary. That gets complicated if the pause ends up being longer than
the available RAM. Possible strategies are:

Drop the buffer (LIFO or FIFO?) and miss some of the programme. Not

Allow the client to write the buffer to disc. Partly duplicates server
functionality but I think it's probably the best plan.

Signal the server to start recording. But then the client has to be able
to match up its buffer with what the server has recorded after the
buffer filled and let the server know when the temp recording is no
longer needed. Complicated.

Have the server record everything it plays and not bother with buffering
in the client. I don't think most people want VDR to work that way
because of extra load on the hard drive.

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