It is just to remind you that vdr is updated (1.7.27 is now), and that
impossible to compile actuator plugin against new vdr. I do like your
plugin, it very useful for channel's scanning. It is better than other
scanner pluging I tried. Pls, find some time! ;-)



17 січня 2012 р. 13:28 Luca Olivetti <> написав:

> Al 17/01/12 00:39, En/na YUP ha escrit:
> > Hi Luca,
> >
> > Maybe it is a right time to update your actuator plugin. There are some
> changes in vdr-1.7.23,  it is enough to change SystemValues to
> SystemValuesSat to compile vdr-actuator against the last vdr-1.7.23, or
> simply:
> > sed -i -e "s/SystemValues/SystemValuesSat/" actuator.c
> I'm still using 1.7.21, not much time to upgrade vdr right now.
> Bye
> --
> Luca
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