Freeview HD's EPG uses the same encoding as Freesat, but for some reason
the EEPG plugin doesn't recognise it; it probably only uses the extended
decoder when it's using Freesat's non-dtandard PIDs.

EEPG's code is a bit tortuous, and it has a memory leak, so I decided to
look again at the Freesat patch from <>. It
needed a bit of updating for recent versions of VDR, and I also updated
the tables with data from the EEPG plugin.

And it works nicely :-). I haven't been using it long, but it looks like
it isn't leaking, and all the text in the EPG looks correct.

I've uploaded it to
<>. If you use
Debian or Ubuntu you can add it to the source package with quilt import.
But also add this line to debian/vdr.install (I got errors after
trying to add it to the patch):

freesat.t*                              var/lib/vdr/

If not using debs you'll have to copy the freesat.t1 and .t2 files there
manually, or redefine FREESAT_DATA_DIRECTORY in libsi/freesat.c if you
want them to live somewhere else.

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