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Dominic Evans <oldma...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On 3 April 2012 16:23, Tony Houghton <h...@realh.co.uk> wrote:
> Also, I noticed that (like the EEPG plugin) Dominic's patch only looks
> for Freesat EIT data on PID 3842 (BAT & SDT data is on PID 3841). This
> is where the EPG data can be found on the majority of the
> transponders, broadcast at a symbol rate of 22.0 MSymb/s.
> However, on the Arqiva transponder (11.427 GHz [1]) the data is
> instead present on PID 3002 (BAT & SDT) and PID 3003 (EIT), and is
> transmitted at the much faster symbol rate of 27.5 MSymb/s. This
> should allow a full EPG to be retrieved far more quickly. RdioCaroline
> (one of the radio channels) is a channel you can tune your receiver to
> in order to lock on to this transponder.

Thanks for that info. I knew there was a transponder where the EIT was
broadcast at a much faster rate (I've heard you can get a complete
week's EPG in ~30 seconds instead of the normal ~30 minutes) but I
didn't realise it was on yet another pid.

Back on the subject of Freeview HD, do you happen to know which part of
the SI refers to the Freeview HD channel/transport? It doesn't appear to
be listed in the standard NIT, although once you tune to that channel
everything appears to be normal, other than the Huffman-encoded EIT and
that even its own NIT doesn't refer to itself AFAICT.

> Ideally the patch could be updated to watch for both EIT PIDs, and
> (even more ideally) the VDR EPG idle scan code could be patched to
> immediately jump to Arqiva on S28.2E and retrieve the EPG rather than
> laboriously cycling through all the transponders.

You don't have to cycle through all transponders for Freesat anyway,
unless you want pids for the video, audio etc streams, because the SDT
and EIT are of the "other channel" variety. You can do a complete
channel scan (apart from getting pids) on any one Freesat transponder in
a few seconds.

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