On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 1:37 PM, Mika Laitio <lam...@pilppa.org> wrote:
>> Looks like the new remote from reelmedia is specially made for VDR,
>> with all labels corresponding to the correct keys. It would certainly
>> yield a better WAF for the VDR box. Says programmable, but does any
>> insiders know if can be programmed to control volume and on/off for a
>> TV, without any 'mode change'?
>> Seems to be a bit steep at €49 at their website though:
>> http://www.reel-multimedia.com/de/shop_zubehoer_tastatur.php
>> http://www.satberlin.de/media/images/popup/reel-fernbedienung_new.jpg
>> http://www.cyberport.de/mall/1/pic/zbild0/zbild0-278219C416-107_600.JPG
> Do you know does it include a some kind of usb irda receiver or is there
> some place where to buy that kind of things that would be compatible
> with that remote?

For that price it better come with one! It also better be a high
quality remote and not some cheap plastic chinese production at that

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