On 04/19/2012 03:35 PM, Pim Zandbergen wrote:
On 19-4-2012 15:20, Andreas Regel wrote:

Hi Pim, did you update the Firmware as well? If not, please try the latest:
Best regards

Hi Andreas,

Thanks, I should have thought of that.
I'm currently on 01_v0_3_5. I will try 01_v0_3_8 and let you know.

OK, the release notes for this new firmware specifically mentions this issue
to be fixed and indeed it is. But it seems to break all the good things too.

VDR appears on the Anynet+ menu of the Samsung, now as "VDR" instead of
"TT ST-6400". But it does not respond to it being selected from the source
menu. It says

"Anynet+ device is not connected. Please check connection and retry".

Refreshing the device list appears normal, but does not help.
This did work with the old VDR and firmware.

Also, after switching on the TV, the AV receiver will deselect VDR a few
seconds starting. It selects the optical input used for viewing native TV.
This is exactly what happened with the old VDR/firmware with HDMI-CEC
disabled in VDR.


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