It's probably common use but I didn't find good info how to do that:
I record movie. It needs to be cutted (advertisment etc) and than compressed from mpeg2 to divx (because this format is smaller and playable on almost everything). Then movie is moved to library which scans IMDB or similair services to download meta information.

The goal is how to do that as most automatically as possible.
For now it's rather long way: I convert .ts stream into mpeg2 (I forgot the name but it's software which allows cut file altogether, hovewer it's not user friendly becauses of small preview window), then convert it with some software (VirtualDub, Handbrake or ffmpeg), then rename and load into XBMC library.

I know it's rather lously connected with VDR, hovewer I have idea of using VDR as main tool in this toolchain. First it knows from EPG metadata the name of movie, so it can find it in IMDB (in fact both web interfaces can do that now). Next it allows to cut recordings (hovewer I prefer doing it with keyboard) and sometimes automate ads removing. The last piece is converting which also is available via some external scripts.

The problem is I would prefer doing it via web interface, because keyboard & mouse is more productive than remote. I hoverwer didn't find possibility to start converting via web interface.

What do you think about it?


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