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Tobi <listacco...@e-tobi.net> wrote:

> On 08.05.2012 18:34, Marx wrote
> > I didn't know and that's why his repository isn't updated. In fact I use
> > lately Debian's version (and I was quite suprised that so new version is
> > available in Debian). Hovewer number of available plugins in Debian is
> > pretty low. Do you know if he plans to migrate more of them to Debian?
> Make some suggestions what Plugins you would like to see in official 
> Debian! I'm going to upload markad to Debian soon.

I'd like eepg to be packaged, but only if the memory leak can be fixed
and it's made to work on Freeview HD. The Huffman tables and marker
bytes at the start of the strings are the same as for Freesat so it just
needs changing to apply this decoding to the standard EIT pids if
necessary, not only to Freesat's pids.

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