the new streamdev release 0.6.0 is available from

The server-side setting "Suspend behaviour" has been dropped in 0.6.0 in
favour of priority based precedence. A priority of 0 and above means that
clients have precedence. A negative priority gives precedence to local live TV
on the server. So if "Suspend behaviour" was previously set to "Client may
suspend" or "Never suspended", you will have to configure a negative priority.
If the "Suspend behaviour" was set to "Always suspended", the default values
should do.

*** Compatibility ***
At least VDR 1.7.25 is required on the server. Negative priorities won't work
as expected unless at least VDR 1.7.27 is installed.

For the streamdev-client plugin at least VDR 1.5.16 is required. Due to
changes in the client code, streamdev-client is not compatible with
streamdev-server versions 0.5.1-priotest and 0.5.2-git. A vanilla 0.5.1, 0.5.2
or any 0.5.1-git version will do.

*** Required config changes ***
Configure the desired priorities for HTTP and IGMP Multicast streaming in the
settings of streamdev-server. If you haven't updated all your streamdev
clients to at least 0.5.2, configure "Legacy Client Priority", too.

In streamdev-client, you should set "Minimum Priority" to -99. Adjust "Live TV
Priority" if necessary.

*** Disclaimer ***
Though the new version works for me, there are several things I don't use in
my production environment and things I can't test at all (e.g. encrypted
channels). Feedback welcome.

*** Changelog ***
- Reimplemented some client device methods
- Proper fix for "client sends ABRT after TUNE". Obsoletes many hacks in client
- Added CLOCK_MONOTONIC timestamp and thread id to Dprintf
- Silenced warning (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg)
- Updated Finnish translation (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg)
- Replaced server-side suspend modes with priority based precedence handling
- Client-side priority handling for VDR >= 1.7.25 and servers running VTP > 1.0
- Introduced VTP protocol version numbering for easier compatibility handling
between different client and server versions. The server includes the protocol
version in its greeting string, the client reports its version with the new
command "VERS".
- Dropped compatibility of streamdev-server with VDR < 1.7.25

Have fun,

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