I have four DVB cards:
-Pinnacle PCTV SAT HDTV 452E PRO USB (main kernel support)
-Terratec Cinergy S2 USB HD v.2
-Prof Revolution DVB-S2 8000 PCIe
-AF9015 noname USB (main kernel support)

on AMD Brazos platform (Asrock E350M1) with Debian (lately with 3.4 kernel).

While I could be able to make all of them working via different drivers (media-build, patches, vendor drivers, Igor Liplianin's repo, yavdr dkms package etc) none of this card works stable (unlike Twinhan PCI I had previously). Prof hangs system, Pinnacle doesn't work with DVB-S2, Terratec records streams partially unplayable, AF9015 stops working after and hour or so etc. Often I see errors of I2C subsystem.

While I'm in process of testing it on different hardware (laptop) I would like to know if it's good place to write about dvb drivers bugs. Or maybe should I write directly to developer? or write bugs in Debian/kernel bugzilla or sth similair? How to properly report bugs? What kernel should I use, which driverset? What logs to attach (kernel.log)? how to enable debug options (if needed)?

I think it's rather unusual all of cards doesn't work, so I suspect that there can be something wrong with my system. Maybe you, as skilled developers, can direct me what can be wrong, what can I test?


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