today I published remotetimers-0.1.7 on http://vdr.schmirler.de. It brings
some minor bugfixes plus the following new features:

With (at least) VDR 1.7.28:
- Patch for new LCARS skin: Include remote timers in the main menu timers list
- Calculate free disk space in minutes based on size and length of recordings
as in VDR 1.7.27. Just like VDR only displays free disk space information for
the video directory filesystem, VDR takes only recordings on the video
directory filesystem into account when calculating the average data rate.
Remotetimers' recordings menu will show the free disk space of the filesystem
corresponding to the currently selected directory. Naturally the average data
rate is then calculated based on this filesystem's recordings.
- The whole average data rate calculation is a nice thing, but it's not very
helpful if you have both, SD and HD recordings on the same filesystem. How
about an estimated free disk space in minutes based on the data rate of an
individual recording? Just select a recording in remotetimers' recordings menu
and hit either red (Edit recording) or blue (Info). In addition to size and
length of the recording you'll get the free minutes based on the data rate of
this recording in the title bar.

For all VDR versions:
- By default remotetimers syncs timers using channel IDs. So the order of
channels on client and server may be completely different. Now remotetimers
could also use the channel number to sync timers. In this mode of course the
channel lists on client and server must be identical or it will wreak havoc.
You could of course swap e.g. the positions of HD and SD (or DVB-S and DVB-T)
variants of the same channel. Imagine you have a client which cannot display
HD (or receives DVB-T only) but you always want to record HD (or from DVB-S)
on the server: VoilĂ  - that's the solution.
- If the server recordings are mounted on a subdirectory of the local video
directory you can have remotetimers monitors the server's .update file to keep
the local recordings list up to date. Now remotetimers will not only monitor
the .update file, it will touch it whenever the local .update file changes. So
when a client deletes a recording, the server and other clients monitoring the
server's .update file will update their recordings lists.

- If server recordings are mounted in a subdirectory of local video dir,
  make server and other clients aware of changes made by this client.
- Fixed occasionally missed video directory mounts during startup. Now getting
  mtime and device id of .update file already in SetupParse(), i.e. before VDR
  starts to scan recordings.
- Updated Slovak translations (thanks to Milan Hrala)
- Added vdr-1.7.28-remote_instant_recordings.patch to display remote timers
  in skin LCARS' main menu view
- Fixed RemoteTimers::ForEach service call
- With 1.7.28 or newer, show remaining disk space in minutes based on size and
  length of currently selected recording in menus "Recording info" and "Edit
- With 1.7.28 or newer, calculate remaining disk space in minutes based on
  size and length of all recordings on current filesystem.
- Updated Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto)
- Updated the menu parts copied from VDR to 1.7.28
- New option to map channels by number instead of channel id when syncing
  between client and server. Useful if you want to view and record different
  variants of a simulcast channel on client and server (e.g. HD/SD or DVB-T/
  DVB-S). Requires channels to be in same order (suggested by woz@vdrportal)
- API changes of VDR 1.7.28
- Updated MainMenuHooks patch (thanks to Manuel Reimer)
- Fixed compile error due to unknown type 'tI18nPhrase'
- Released recordings must be re-read or they reappear in recordings menu

Have fun,

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