Dear VDR folks,

looking around for systemd service files I found three examples. One
from OpenBricks [1],

    Description=Video Disk Recorder
    After=lircd.service pvr.service



one from a VDR-Portal forum post [2]

        Description=Video Disk Recorder

        ExecStart=/usr/local/src/VDR/vdr --lirc=/run/lirc/lircd -s 
/usr/local/bin/ -v /var/lib/vdr/video -w 90 -Plive 
-Pstreamdev-server -P 'epgsearch --config=/etc/vdr/plugins/epgsearch' -P 
'xineliboutput --local=none --remote=37890'
        ExecStartPost=/usr/local/bin/ remo off


and the one shipped by openSUSE [2].




As the comments in the VDR-Portal thread [2] suggest, it would be great
to do without any shell/Bash script and more or less execute plain VDR
and let systemd do everything else.

heise open published an article about Upstart and as an example
converted the VDR init.d script to an Upstart script [3].

Looking at that example I disagree with only starting VDR when an USB
DVB device medium is plugged in, since there are use cases like IPTV or
a VDR client.

So how could such a generic set up look like. Do output plugins need to
ship there own service files? Like xineliboutput which can also be run
as a local frontend and for example sxfe needs a X server running. The
current init.d script (in Debian) does not handle that either I think.

So I guess it will not be possible to find a generic solution but let
all plugins ship their own service files as needed or document what is

For the core VDR I guess we can assume it is run as a daemon and the
above sample service files can be adapted and be included.

Any thoughts?




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