Hi guys!
My system is currently based on two dvb cards:
- Prof 7301 PCI
- Prof 8000 PCIe
Both of them is using stv090x frontend.

I am using VDR 1.7.31 and i have the following problem:
When one adapter has a problem with tuning in epg-scan mode,
(eg: frontend 1/0 timed out while tuning to channel...),
then the vdr freeze for a while. I can see this while watching
tv on the second one (busy) adapter:
the xvdr plugin stops feeding xbmc with stream causing buffering
and/or artifacts.
Another example is that both adapters are in epg-scan mode
and i am watching a recording, then every time when i've got
"timed out while tuning" in the log, the replay of the recording
stops (resulting in a buffering) for a while.
When i start vdr with -D0 or -D1 then i've got no problems
(but also no 2nd adapter ;)

Is it possible that it is caused by some global lock or mutexes
in VDR?

Mariusz Białończyk
jabber/e-mail: ma...@skyboo.net

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