Am 19.12.2012 11:37, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
If you program that many timers, you obviously want them to be recorded.
So you should let VDR make the most use of its available resources.
Otherwise just don't set that many timers ;-)

...only true, thats all single never rebroadcasted timers.

"stop one of the running recordings" - yea right! Which one?
Typical dialog:

He: "I wonder why that damned VDR recorded only half of the game last night?!
      Honey, did you mess with it?"
She: "Well, I wanted to watch my soap opera and that thing asked me which
recording it should interrupt. The choices were 'My other soap opera' and 'Some game'. Since I didn't care about the 'game', I chose that one."
He:  "!@@&%?#^@@@!!&%!!!"

You just can't win them all... ;-)
Yes, you can... ;) Because secound soapopera is rescheduled later that night, you could have planed your timers mor socialcompatible and therefore you have made more out of your vdr-resources...

Regards, Ingo

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