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2012/12/25 Klaus Schmidinger <klaus.schmidin...@tvdr.de>:

3.) the file should be included into plugin Makefiles after having set
PLUGIN and VERSION to be able to have some plugin-/version-dependent


No. Not agreed.

Just use DEFINES+= in Make.config, and if that doesn't work, plugin
makefiles have to be patched.

I understand that this seems to be a quite simple solution, because in the end, almost any other configuration option will be converted to either compiler or linker settings. But it's quite lowlevel and one has to dig through the Makefile in depth to extract the necessary compiler or linker options.

And as you already mention, plugin Makefiles need to be patched to get it working. For example, there can nolonger be any default values in the Makefile that get always passed to the compiler as a define, as one cannot override it with a different value in Make.config. The default value has to go into the source file in case a certain define (and hence, a specific value) has not been passed to the compiler.

I think that we should keep the possibility to configure highlevel plugin options from a central place like plugins.conf just as Make.config did up to VDR-1.7.33.

There's also the possibility to add a Make.config to every plugin.
Some plugin maintainer already started to include their own
Make.config (e.g.

Well, that's not what I was looking for, but kls suggested that already on vdr-portal too. I dislike on that solution that there is not a single central configuration file, but a symbolic link could do the trick to share a common file.

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