Am 26.12.2012 15:54, schrieb Manuel Reimer:

I think that we should keep the possibility to configure
highlevel plugin
options from a central place like plugins.conf just as
Make.config did up to

What is your plan? Do you want to build plugins "the old way"
inside the VDR source dir? If so, then just add your options to
your "Make.config" as you did in the past, but prefix them with
an "export ". Something like:

export PLUGIN_OPTION = "any_value"

This way the options reach the plugin Makefiles if you do your
"make plugins" as the global VDR Makefile exports the value.

Thanks for this hint. This is what I was looking for. If it works as you write, then at least I have no need for plugins.conf at the moment.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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