Am 28.12.2012 16:38, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:
> So should we go back to the Makefiles of version 1.7.33 and declare this
> area of the program source "untouchable" forever?
> Maybe this would be the easiest solution, and I wouldn't get bashed, offended
> and insulted that much any more.
> Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected such an outrage about this
> change, which was entirely intended to make things simpler in the future.
> But if this is not what people want, then let's just stick with the old
> Makefiles and declare version 1.7.34 a complete and utter failure...
> Beware - I'm not kidding about this! If this whining keeps going on, I will
> switch back to version 1.7.33 Makefiles, and I won't dare touch them again
> any time soon! After all, I didn't make this change because *I* wanted it...

 Building plugins outside the vdr source tree with the new Makefile is 
something I bear with the "current mess".
 I'm no Makefile-guru, so I have to "live with it" and I can't contribute to 
this thing at all.

 My personal development environment is a "vdr source tree with plugins".
 If I do development on a vdr-patch, I just call "make" and have the output 
(and errors/warnings) of the compiler right
 If I work on a plugin I have a separate shell in the plugin's directory where 
I call "make". If it's ready for testing,
I call "make all plugins" from the vdr directory. In the directory above ("..") 
I have a script which starts the current
vdr with the settings for my development (other config directory etc.).

 Now a "make" compiles everything and I have to scroll a lot to get the 
warnings or errors.

 Perhaps we should talk about what targets are needed and what they should do. 
"Never touch a running system" only
applies to productive environments, not for development. Without touching there 
would be no progress.

 So please stop "whining" and let's do some work together!


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