On 12/29/2012 01:07 PM, Manuel Reimer wrote:
In context of a plugin, VDR should be something like a "backend
library". It has to be installed, but the plugin should be compilable
from *everywhere* as long as the "backend library" is there.

This is why pkg-config was invented and this is how all other software
projects out there work.

VDR, so far, had a *very* special Makefile system. Running "make", even
if VDR is installed, just failed and the lack of "make install" causes
the need that plugin authors have to document how to *manually* complete
the installation as the Makefile won't do it and can't do it.

So nearly every plugin needs its own way to compile it from outside of a
VDR source (that most distributions don't even install, as they only
install the "include-directory") and even more plugins need special
handling to get it equipped with all those additional files, they need
to operate (images, stillpictures, ...).

With the new system, anything should work with two commands:


followed by

make DESTDIR=... install

This is actually more or less the scenario vdr and all of its plugins have always been *installed* on Gentoo, which in a certain way shifts the actual execution of the actions the package maintainer defined, to the user's machine, by compiling from a plugin source directory (sort of transparently, when the user actually "installs" with the help of the package manager). Maintainers only had a great deal of work to override what the native VDR build system did (or in most cases, simply omitted to do) mainly on installation. So yes, being able to just issue the commands mentioned above by Manuel, would simplify things a lot...


So why not freeze VDR development at all?

Or maybe, the people, that so much like the current status of VDR 1.7.33
(or maybe 1.7.31?) just roll their own fork and do whatever with it, so
innovation in the core VDR project can go on?

Just remember: "Nobody likes change except a wet baby"

So, +1 from me, to switch to the new system, which should make everyone happy, those building like Klaus everything from one big source tree and not even installing, and those wanting to be able to build from the plugin source only. Since you mentioned the wet baby, c'mon folks, let's cut this baby shit whining and just get over it, let Klaus do the change, isn't it wonderful enough he's willing to listen to opinions?

Just my 2 cents,

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