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>>As many know, getting standardized dvb signal info in linux has been a
>>want for a very long time for a lot of users (and developers). There
>>has been several talks/threads about it but nothing was ever merged.
>>The subject has come up once again and Mauro has posted a patch for
>>review. I know that there are at least a handful of coders here who
>>have interest in this, including Klaus. I strongly urge anyone who
>>would like to see this finally happen to take a few minutes and read
>>the links below. Further, it would be great if people actively
>>participated in the discussion so please post anything you may like to
>>contribute to the discussion!
> I have read the discussion. The kernel to userspace interface is not allowed
> to change, as this would brake userspace programs, so any fix would have
> to come from a new kernel side interface. Therefore at the VDR side we have
> two options:
> 1)Wait for the new kernel interface to happen with a standard way to report
> quality and strength.

That's what this is about!

> 2)Implement work arounds for each receiver. In my opinion this has to be
> done anyway, in order to let VDR run on old kernel versions.

You have to consider the benefit of this. Just because you technically
_could_ make it work on ancient kernels, doesn't mean it's worth the
time & effort to do so. IMO, maintaining a bunch of workarounds is a
total waste of time because there aren't enough users running ancient
kernels to justify the work it takes to do this. I'm not scared of
progress either. If using a newer version of VDR means using a newer
kernel, so be it -- that's nothing to be scared of.

Devs, users, or both are likely to experience growing pains for things
to advance. The bar can't be so low that it doesn't exist. Minimum
requirements aren't evil, sometimes they're necessary. Also, users
have the option of using media_build for their drivers. Then they can
use however old of a kernel media_build is backported to. That's more
than reasonable if you ask me.

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